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International Fringe Virtual Competition 2021

Total Prize Offering Valued at USD 40,000

Each class 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners will be awarded a Trophy and certificate  

1st Prize, one 2nd Prize and one 3rd Prize will be announced to contestants who have reached a score of 85.

 "Gold Honour”certificate will be awarded to contestants who score 90 or above.

"Silver Honour" certificates will be awarded to contestants who score 80-89.

"Bronze Honour" certificates will be awarded to contestants who score 75-79.


Concerto Category (A002 & A003)

The winner will receive

(1) A performance opportunity to play concerto with the Mississippi Valley Orchestra in 2023 in the USA - and

(2) Complimentary local accommodation for 5 nights.

*Winner is responsible for the costs of his/her own entry visa, taxes, surcharges and fees associated with the airfare.

Prizes for Guitar Categories:

Online Judge p.1.jpg

Deadline: December 19th, 2021

Announcement Date: December 28th, 2021

Competition Date: January 8th to January 30th, 2022

Competition Platform: (Facebook Page / Youtube ) International Fringe Association

IFA will broadcast the competition videos online for all participants, parents, teachers and judges to watch. Participants can learn from each other by watching the online clips. It also increases the transparency and ensures fairness. After each competition is broadcast, the judges have a short deliberation and announce the results.

General rules of the competition

  • We do not accept resubmission once the video recording is submitted.

  • Contestants may use mobile devices such as a cell phone or tablet or a photo camera to record the performance video. External microphones are allowed.

  • At the beginning of the recording, contestants may clearly announce their name, and the pieces that will be performed.

  • All video of the performance must be kept in original and in one single shot / take / recording.

  • No editing and reverb is allowed.

  • There is no limitation on the dress code and venue.

  • The contestant can choose a front view or side view for the performance video recording. Please make sure your entire torso and hands can be clearly seen. The performance gestures, such as hands movements and the pedals, must be visible.

  • The contestants are encouraged to memorize music, but this requirement is not necessary.

  • Once announced, the judges’ decisions are final and the decision cannot be appealed.

  • The videos recordings and images of contestants could be posted on International Fringe Association official website and its social media platform (Facebook, WeChat or Instagram).

  • The Competition Committee has full ownership of all the video recordings during the competition. The video recordings could be used for future marketing on various media without informing the participants.

  • All application fees are not refundable or transferable to other categories.

  • The first, second, and third prize winners of the age group need to present valid ID documents to the Association before they are issued a certificate & trophy.

  • The winner requires to pay the shipping or courier fee for the trophy.​​

  • One single unedited shot / take / recording from recent performance or concert (dated between Jan-Dec of 2021) is allowed.

  • Contestants who fail to follow the rules of the competition mentioned above will be disqualified.

How to Apply

1. Fill in the application form below
2. Arrange payment via Paypal via application process
3. Submit performance recording either:

a) Submit the recording YouTube link during the application process
b) Send the video recording to The name of the file submission should be in the following format: “class_name_name of the piece”
(e.g. A001_John_Smith_Chopin_Ballade_2.mp4)

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